Interior Decorating Styles

Everything in a room is important in decorating. not just the big things. Choose details carefully to express your unique decorating style.

If people think that a room will retain its distinction as a beautifully decorated room. simply because it has priceless paintings or other walls hangings but is furnished with cheap folding chairs. they are sadly mistaken. One must consider every room in the house as the stage setting for the drama of life that will be played in it. Once that concept is understood. the decorator or owner who uses this concept will be able to create an interior of enduring style. regardless what the current decorating fashion may be.

Having oversized rooms and spending a fortune on decorating does not guarantee a home of distinction. It is good taste. applied in every corner of every room. that achieves this end. and can be achieved in any home. from a small flat to a vacation home to a mansion. Creating the proper background is the key to distinction in a home. Each item. all the way to the smallest vase must become part of the stage setting for the room. A beautiful glass vase. easily undiscernable in a whole room. can be set off to dramatic effect if placed against deep green drapes. rather than a picture or painting that will compete with it. The simplicity of a single flower in a beautiful vase against the properly dramatic background is much more striking than dozens of ill placed flowers. A flower always looks more beautiful in a simple looking vase; it doesn’t matter if the vase if made of fine venetian glass. exquisite porcelain. sterling silver or common pottery. If the vase has color decoration on it. it is best to pick up one or more of the colors in the decoration by using a flower or flowers of that color.

As mentioned. any decorative ornament should not be placed in front of a painting that will compete with it. An exception to this rule is if a painting is a large landscape or mural. which acts as a background. much as draperies would. In this case. the painting or mural is almost like nature in an outdoor setting. where the trees and plantings in a garden set off the vases or statuary placed in it. This will not work. however. if the painting or wall hanging has a strong central theme such as people in it. or some action occurring; this will act the same as a smaller painting and compete with the beauty of the object you are trying to show off. Remember. also. that if you have a landscape or tapestry that would be able to serve the purpose of a background if it were only bigger. that you can enlarge it by using wide matting and a large frame. Use a velvet fabric in a slightly darker shade of the dominant color of the painting as the matting material. and you will have created a stunning decorative background for your lovely vase.

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